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A good QR code reader

Very good QR code recognition. It met my expectations.

C nul

C archi nul ne marche même pas


Très bon application

The best app for 2d code reading

As a professional, I am doing 100s of scans per month. This is the fastest qr and datamatrix reading application on the market,

Good, but could be better

I found it to be the fastest, less-prone-to-failure, free QR reader around; and I was loving it. But it seems to only support a weblink and it automatically tries to open it in Safari. Which is an issue, since QR Codes can contain texts or numbers (in which case it will manage to decode, but it will tell you they couldnt open the website -afterall, its not a website). NeoReader automatically assuming that your QR Code is weblink is a no-no. But with support for text and other things (like links to youtube/google maps) itd probably be the best QR Code Reader around.

Very good



Superschnell, funktioniert Top, Man muss es heute haben!

The fastest one I tested but...

As every free app full of tracking... :-/


Funktioniert einwandfrei...


in my tests, NeoReader successfully decodes QR Codes containing URLs and opens the associated web page. however it cannot decode ones containing arbitrary text, address/contact info etc - unlike other QR Code decoders Ive used in other phones (esp. Japanese cellphones). Hopefully future versions will add this kind of capability.

Works for urls and telephone numbers but not text

I tried a ton of data matrix readers for the iPhone, and this is the first one that actually worked. On the whole, its pretty decent, although it only seems to work on urls and telephone numbers for me. I couldnt get it to decode text matrices, but hey, at least it decodes -some- stuff.

Reads 2D Barcodes as promised

Downloaded 3 free readers this one worked right off the bat. Even read from a tube type monitor display.


I like the concept, but havent been able to read 2D barcodes as it appears the camera isnt good enough. Cant get it to work


Worked right away. Better than ScanLife. I tried it off some samples from my LED monitor.

Great scanning app

It does exactly what it is advertised to do, scan 2-D barcodes. It does that flawlessly. Dont know why people are so quick to complain about what the app doesnt do. It does what it was advertised to do very well, so 5 stars from this guy.

DOES NOT WORK Most of the time!!

Cannot recommend to anyone :-(

Wouldnt work for me

Tried the app to read up on more products from Dwell magazine. Pretty useless for that purpose. Neoreader and Dwell need to get their act together. All I could get was "code not recognized." That was with very recent issues. Will delete app.


Amazing!! Soooo amazing!! This app is great!! the scan is instantaneous and its so easy to use. With these barcodes popping up everywhere, There is no doubt this will be the future.. Everyone will have this

No Problems

I was surprised to see this app starred so low. I havent had any issues with it so far; its done what I needed it to do!!

Works well

Its quite choppy on-screen when youre trying to scan, but that doesnt get in the way of actually performing the scanning, nor its ability to read correctly (which, in my use, it does). No complaints here and well done.

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